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The Toothy Toucan has a wide range of toothbrushes to help you keep your teeth clean and free of plaque and tartar, including toothbrushes from AquaFresh, Colgate, Oral-B and TePe.

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Oral-B Ortho Toothbrush refill Oral-B Ortho Toothbrush refill
For the care of orthodontic braces Oral-B Braces Care Essentials Pack is a set of two replacement electric toothbrush heads that provides effective and convenient... [More]
£11.50 Sold out of Oral-B Ortho Toothbrush refill: More Coming Soon

VITIS Orthodontic Access Toothbrush VITIS Orthodontic Access Toothbrush
A compact headed brushes with V-shaped thread contour for simulations cleaning of tooth surface and braces. [More]

TePe - Original TePe - Original
For effective cleaning around your orthodontic brace! These interdental brushes are available from the toothy... [More]

Ortho ReadyBrush Ortho ReadyBrush
Nothing could be simplier! The refreshing mint toothpaste is activated  by just wetting the soft, rounded... [More]

Tufted Brush Tufted Brush
This brush is ideal for cleaning around the wires and brackets of your orthodontic brace. The small tufted shaped... [More]

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